Autopilot Now Available on R44

The top selling R44 is now FAA approved for the same Genesys Aerosystems HeliSAS (Helicopter Stability Augmentation System) as the already approved R66 Turbine.

Both of these systems offer workload-reducing features including basic stability augmentation, heading hold, altitude hold, navigation signal tracking and approach guidance.

The difference is the autopilot now works in conjunction with Aspens 1000H Primary Flight Display (PFD) The Aspen PFD fits in a standard 8-hole panel and is a lighter, less expensive display than the Garmin G500H which installs in a larger console.

The G500H is only available on the R66 while the Aspen is available in both the R44 and R66. With either installation the autopilot controls are located in the avionics stack with the additional trim and off buttons installed on the cyclic.

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